Bressay shetland islands

Puffins in Shetland About the Puffin The Puffin is probably the best known member of the Auk family, although there are another 21 species including Guillemots and Razorbills.

Bressay shetland islands

Bressay shetland islands

The Trout Angler in Shetland: Past and Present Keith Harwood This book charts the development of fishing for trout and sea trout in Shetland from the mid-nineteenth century to the present day and includes accounts of angling experiences of several well-known and not so well-known figures who have fished these islands.

Not to be missed is the chapter on Shetland flies. Shetland is home to a number of extremely innovative fly dressers, many of whose patterns work just as well on English reservoirs as they do on Scottish lochs.

But Shetland is in fact the most northerly part of the UK, situated miles north of Aberdeen, and miles west of Bergen in Norway.

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It lies at the same latitude as southern Greenland and St. An archipelago of around islands, 15 of which are inhabited, Shetland has a population of 22, many of whom live in the main town, Lerwick. These are also the islands likely to be of most interest to anglers.

The climate in Shetland is mild throughout the summer months, with average temperatures in the low teens centigrade.

Rainfall levels are similar to those in the rest of the United Kingdom. The weather can be dramatic at times though, even in summer, and sudden changes are common. Bright sunshine, heavy rain, strong wind, calm, fog, even snow, can all be experienced in a single day.

For those of an adventurous nature, this variety is part of the pleasure of visiting the islands.

Bressay shetland islands

This is a magical and unforgettable experience. Despite its remoteness, reaching Shetland is easy. You can fly to the islands with FlyBe from three Scottish airports: Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh. Or you can take the NorthLink ferry overnight from Aberdeen or Kirkwall. If you travel by ferry you can bring your car north with you, but, if not, there are several car hire firms to be found in Lerwick and at Sumburgh Airport.

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A list of some of these companies can be found here.Welcome to Shetland Heritage Association. Crescents of Lerwick - Lerwick This website contains details and information about the unique network of heritage centres, rural museums, history and heritage groups which operate right across the Shetland Islands.

Through the website you can access: Information about Shetland Heritage Association; Details of the membership and their activities. Shetland. Shetland is the most northerly group of islands in the United Kingdom with a population of approximately 21, (at the census).

Shetland Bird Club. Puffins in Shetland. About the Puffin. The Puffin is probably the best known member of the Auk family, although there are another 21 species including Guillemots and Razorbills.

Shetland Anglers Association - Shetland

An archipelago made up of more than islands, 15 of which are inhabited, the Shetland Isles are packed with amazing history, scenic landscape and lots of exciting activities - you'll find plenty of great things to see and do.

Lerwick (/ ˈ l ɜːr w ɪ k /; Scottish Gaelic: Liùrabhaig, Norwegian: Leirvik) is the main port of Shetland Islands, is centred miles ( km) off the north coast of the Scottish mainland and on the east coast of the Shetland alphabetnyc.comk is miles ( km) north-by-northeast of Aberdeen, miles ( km) west of the similarly .

Unst. Unst is the ultimate Shetland destination - the absolute end of every Great North Road in Britain, it has the northernmost of everything. It is also one of the most spectacular, varied and interesting islands in Europe.

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