Factors that are to be considered while selecting material handling equipment

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Factors that are to be considered while selecting material handling equipment


Conveyor Manufacturers — Metzgar Conveyors How Conveyor Belts Work Depending on the type of conveyor system being used, there are different ways they are intended to function.

Some conveyors use gravity, others allow the worker to give the object a solid push to get it moving down the conveyor, but many are operated mechanically for automatic transport. Gravity roller conveyors are essentially a line of freely moving conveyor rollers, often placed at a slight downward angle, giving rigid items, such as boxes, a direct, energy-free route from one section to another.

Factors that are to be considered while selecting material handling equipment

Overhead conveyors can be either mechanically or manually operated. The idea behind an overhead conveyor is that it saves ground space by employing a series of tracks attached to the ceiling of the warehouse or factory.

A free-hanging chain, pulley, hook, or any other transportation vessel in attached and performs the same action as any other conveyor, only from above rather than on the floor. Belt conveyors and chain conveyors are almost always mechanically operating.

These systems perform their function with the aid of a mechanical system called a V-Belt Drive. The V-Belt Drive is the turning part that pulls the conveyor.

The type of conveyor surface, as with any machinery, is determined by the items being moved. Chain conveyors are a metal, mesh-like surface, reminiscent of a chain link fence. The belt conveyor, as it implies, is a soft, flexible belt, often times made of rubber.

How These Are Implemented Deciding on which conveyor system is most appropriate is not always a straightforward process. It is often the best course of action to consider the details of an operation, such as where this system is to be located, how often it is going to be used, where the items need to be moved to, any obstacles in the way, how often, depending on wear and tear, you might need conveyor maintenance, and, most importantly, what you are going to be moving with your conveyor system.

The main benefit of the iconic conveyor belt is its simplicity. It is a flat, smooth surface that pulls items from any point on the belt, to its end, or the next belt lined up to it.

This is an ideal system for most small to medium sized products, especially boxes and bulk materials. If you take into account weight and size of your products, the belt conveyor can be a versatile system for several types of operations.

Just make sure to take into account the effect the product could have on the belt. Is it perhaps sticky or coated in an oil? If so, perhaps another system may be better suited for this product.

Chain conveyors are often seen in food production. For example, a chain conveyor using non-stick stainless steel can be used in the production of donuts, gently moving the dough and finished products through the several stages of cooking and flavoring, with less risk of the food items sticking to the conveyors.

These also allow for easier cleaning due to their open and flexible pattern. A roller conveyor system is a primary candidate for warehouses or shipping. Boxes of all sizes are seamlessly moved with far less stress on workers than if they were to pick them up and walk them to their secondary location.

With a gravity based rolling system, a worker only has to place the box, or any object being produced for that matter, onto the roller system and give it a push. The low-friction roller system allows the box to fly across the factory as if it weighed next to nothing.

Even more effortless is the motorized roller system.

Tubing design factors -

The motorized roller conveyor performs the same task, except it uses a mechanical system, such as a V-Belt Driveto rotate the rollers at a consistent pace.

Overhead conveyors are among the most open-ended systems available. If your warehouse or workshop has a ceiling or series of beams with good structural integrity, the movement of anything from a small part to something as heavy, or even heavier, than an engine block, becomes much easier.

Factors that are to be considered while selecting material handling equipment

Rather than having to lift a part up onto a ground conveyor, these overhead conveyor systems open up the use of pulleys, levers, and other practical methods to lifting and positioning products. Once the part has been secured onto the hook, chain, platform, or any other method being utilized, the part is then either pushed or mechanically pulled by the rail system on the ceiling.

The overhead conveyors also have the added benefit of opening up ground space and providing the product with a direct path from one end of a workshop or warehouse to the other without the obstacles of workspace being taken up on the ground.

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Discuss the factors to be considered while selecting material handling equipment. - Discuss the factors to be considered while selecting material handling equipment. Discuss the factors to be considered while selecting material handling equipment.

Material Handling Equipment: Selection and Maintenance. The following factors may be considered while selecting a material handling equipment: ADVERTISEMENTS: (a) Material to be moved: Essentials and Factors. Before uploading and sharing your knowledge on this site, please read the following pages: 1.

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