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Loss of hair is one of the most common side effects of cancer treatment, such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Due to the fact that our appearance is closely linked to our self-esteem, it becomes emotionally challenging trying to accept sudden changes to our appearance. Having gone through the same hair loss challenges herself, Juli feels it is a privilege and honor to assist her guests in their journey to feeling good about their appearance again.

Prothesis stores

What is a breast prosthesis? Whether the loss of the breast is permanent or temporary, a breast form can be worn to simulate the natural breast and body shape. Full breasts and partial breasts, known as equalizers, can be purchased to balance the appearance depending on what type of surgical procedure was performed.

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These forms come in a variety Prothesis stores materials usually silicone, foam, or fiberfill and can be worn inside a bra or attached to the body with a special adhesive. Why do I need a breast prosthesis? Many women who have been treated for breast cancer have had surgery, like a lumpectomy, modified or simple mastectomy, or radical mastectomy.

A silicone breast prosthesis is weighted and Prothesis stores the natural breast. One of its advantages is that it helps your body be symmetrical again and remain in balance. When the body is out of balance following a surgery of this kind, other muscle-skeletal problems can develop.

Back, neck, and shoulder problems are common as well as a tendency for one shoulder to drop downward and inward while the other rises up. Women also often report that the bra rides up or moves around if there is no weighted breast form on one side of the bra.

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What are the advantages of having a breast prosthesis? Wearing a breast prosthesis is a personal choice. Many women want to wear one because they want to wear the same clothing that they wore prior to the surgery and they want to look symmetrical.

There are other advantages to having a breast prosthesis. Gives you warmth Protects your chest and scars Helps balance your posture Keeps your bra from shifting or riding up Helps prevent problems with curvature of the spine, shoulder drop, and muscular pain in the neck and back What is a mastectomy bra?

A mastectomy bra is a special bra with pockets to hold a breast prosthesis. New products are always becoming available in different shapes, weights, etc.

We carry brands like Amoena and Anita. How soon after surgery can a breast form be worn? You should always consult your physician about when to where a breast form.

It varies for each woman depending on her surgery and healing. Most women will be able to wear a prosthesis breast form within two to eight weeks after surgery, once there are no longer any open wounds or stitches. Camisoles that have soft attachable prostheses can be worn immediately after surgery until the surgical site is healed.

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How can I buy these products? Shine is a cancer specialty store that fits breast prostheses and bras and provides other services. Unlike some lingerie or department stores, we cater to the needs of women with breast cancer.

There are many different brands of prostheses. The most important concern is finding one that is comfortable and fits your body.

Our expert certified breast prosthesis fitters will fit the bra and prosthesis. You may schedule an appointment for your fitting. The first fitting usually takes about an hour.

Prothesis stores

Does Shine sell prostheses over the Internet? Shine does not sell prostheses over the Internet because we believe these products need to be fit by a certified fitter.

Every woman's body is different. Most women require only one prosthesis and the goal is the match the look of the other breast and to find something that is comfortable.The Nordstrom Breast Prosthesis Program is committed to the protection and proper use of your personal health information.

Mastectomy Bras & Camisoles Medicare Eligibility. We encourage our patients to educate themselves about Post-Surgery and Post-Chemotherapy products that can make such a difficult experience less painful. Mastectomy Shop provides a full line of mastectomy products. Shop for original mastectomy bras and breast forms in wide range of sizes and styles at low prices.

Call us at A BRA (). The Nordstrom Breast Prosthesis Program is committed to the protection and proper use of your personal health information. Mastectomy Bras & Camisoles Medicare Eligibility. As You Were Mastectomy Boutique.

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Definitive Prosthesis – Once the fit of the prothesis has been determined and no immediate changes are needed, the definitive (permanent) prosthesis will be made; typically this is after you have completed physical therapy.

Normally it takes about four days to finish a prosthesis, but maybe longer if there is a protective cover applied.

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