Reflection paper on child abuse

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Reflection paper on child abuse

False Allegations of Child Abuse Child abuse is a problem that is frequently underdiagnosed. Recognition that underdiagnosis of abuse exists has produced a high zeal for identifying cases of child abuse, which has inevitably produced cases of overdiagnois.

Overdiagnosis of child abuse is as catastrophic as underdiagnosis. S, When I was an associate medical examiner for Jackson County, I got a lot of enjoyment from assisting with the prosecution of real criminals, and putting bad people where they belong.

When child abuse has really occurred, it is a dreadful thing, and the perpetrators deserve to be punished as examples to others. It is not my purpose to address, here, the custody-battle tactic of making a groundless accusation of sexual abuse or domestic violence.

Click here for information and get a good lawyer. One group that handles this sort of case is Stuckle and Ferguson. The word of a child, whether mistaken, coached, or the result of a deliberate lie, is all that it takes to ruin lives. Click here for the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry practice parameters, which acknowledges that children sometimes lie and are sometimes coached.

Click here for the National Center for Reason and Justice, a group that helps people false accused of sex crimes. Click here for the conference notes. It is very easy to find accounts of children who made coached or malicious accusations online.

Click here to see how many ordinary citizens reading an obscure blog know someone to whom this has happened. Click here for Law Hum. Link is now down, let me know if there is another version posted: A prosecutor's digest, including an appeals court opinion, "If the only evidence of guilt is a child victim's out-of-court statement admitted under section Click here for "All parents are liars until proved otherwise", the mentality that I have found pervasive in child-protection circles.

Click here for the conservative "Renew America" -- "Yes, some chidren do lie. Click here for an account of inappropriate techniques used by "therapists" and "investigators" to get children to lie.

Reflection paper on child abuse

My concern is with errors by examining physicians and sex-abuse nurse examiners SANE nurses. The system is imperfect, and occasionally an innocent person is accused on bad medical evidence.

Once the initial error is made, it is very hard to stop the process. The refereed medical literature recognizes the Alice-in-Wonderland nature of many sexual abuse workups in today's world, even in oh-so-proper England. In late March,I went to court in another state to help a working-class family which had contacted me through this home page.

The child was just getting over chickenpox, which might have triggered the vulvovaginitis. The pediatrician, a self-styled expert on child sexual abuse, found an "apparent healed laceration" at the o'clock position in the hymen, no further description. Cultures and DNA probes were negative for gonorrhea.

Cultures of all family members, including the grandfather, a former chief flight mechanic on a Navy ship, were negative for gonorrhea. The child denied any sexual stuff during the medical exams.

The child struggled and cried a lot during the child abuse exams and cultures. A smear of the "purulent" exudate showed no white cells, only a lot of epithelial cells. Afterwards, she talked about "monster s " and "doctor monsters", and said, "The monster s put a bone in my mouth and the hair choked me" the cotton-tipped swabs, dummies and said "the monster had a mask" duh.

On the strength of this evidence, the Department of Human Services told the court, "The perpetrator has been identified" as the grandfather, the evidence being that he owned a Hallowe'en mask. They told him that if he admitted his crime and got counselling, the child would be restored to the mother.

The entire family refused. I was the sole medical witness for the defense, which I took for free. The sexual abuse exam is now recognized as the business of the pathologist, whether the patient is alive or dead.

A major review of the situation in Italy appears in Am. From now on, I am available as a medical expert in other cases in which I'm convinced that an allegation of child abuse is false.Do you have an unmotivated child or teenager who just doesn’t seem to care about school? Our parenting experts explain how to motivate an underachiever.

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Reflection Paper On Child Abuse.

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Research paper May 6th Child Abuse Child abuse happens to children everyday as sad as it may sounds, and many children do not get to live a happy healthy life.

“Child abuse happens when a parent or other adult causes serious physical or emotional harm to a most serious cause of child abuse can end in the child’s death.

Running head: CHILD ABUSE REFLECTION PG 2 Child Abuse Reflection I would love to start this reflection paper of with everyone knowing when abuse and neglect would take place.

Abuse usually occur when a child has had physical injury inflicted upon him or her other than by accidental means, has injuries at variance with history given of %(7).

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